Meet the Pente Force Team

The Pente Force team -- protectors of the Federation Chain of Life – are five genetically enhanced Special Forces soldiers who battle against the cruel Emperor Tozar and his Wardon Empire.

Star, Osto, Neptune, Nine and Pia each face their own challenging adventures as they go up against strange aliens, Wardon soldiers and even Tozar himself. But it is only through teamwork that they can hope to defeat the Wardon Empire.


Star is the leader of the Pente Force. She’s confident and strong.  She tries to play by the rules, but isn’t above breaking them if she has to. She will often take the greatest risks so that she can keep her team safe.


Nine pilots the Pente force starship the LIONEX. He’s an excellent fighter and a very loyal friend and teammate.   He can change his personality to meet the needs of the situation which makes him a great spy.


Neptune is an amazing soldier. She follows orders and is extremely loyal to her team. She Will do whatever it takes to get the mission done and is known for her calm and cool demeanor.She also has some limited medical training which makes her useful out in the field when there are no doctors.


Osto is in second command and he is the gunner. on the Penta for ship, the LIONEX. despite his hot temper he’s an excellent leader. Although he is more than capable of taking command if he needs to, his biggest fear is that one day he will have to.


Pia is the Pente Force sniper. She is the best shot in the galaxy. But she  masks her insecurities by pretending to be confident and is extremely emotional. She’s an excellent fighter but is known to be reckless. She also has limited medical training and often assists Neptune in the field when someone gets hurt.

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About The Author

Ann Marie R. Harvie has been the editor of the award winning magazine, “The Yankee Engineer,” since 1992. She is also a contributing writing to the “Army Engineer Magazine” and the “Corps Environment.” She has had short stories from the “Pente Force Chronicles” series published in small press magazines over the years. Currently, stories in the series can be found on and Scriggler. Ann Marie writes several blogs: “Stories from Out of This World,” on and WordPress as well as “Random Thoughts of a Crazy Busy Mom” on Follow Ann Marie on Twitter @EditorYE and on LinkedIn.

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